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KFD does everything in our power to boost email deliverability rates. However, according to recent reports - only about 79% of permission-based emails sent by legitimate email senders reach the inbox. Spam filters and ISPs are working harder than ever to reduce inbox irrelevance. Here are some tips to improve the success of your digital mailing:
1) Avoid red flag content. There are some words which hurt deliverability (words that servers consider spammy). You can run a spam check on all of the wording you’d like to include before sending to us:
2) Double-check every email address. Are there any typos? Are any of the email addresses old and no longer used? Here’s a company who can clean your email list and remove any hard bounces: You may also want to use a service like to collect the most up-to-date contact info from your recipients.
3) Track your mailing. Some of the providers listed above provide statistics on who has viewed your email. For the individuals who have not responded or who are marked in the statistics as unread - send a follow-up email from your personal email account with a link to your invitation (we’ll provide you with the proper link). These types of emails can sometimes be filed in recipients “promotions” folder and they may not know to open it.
TERMS & CONDITIONS Katie Fischer Design is not responsible for deliverability issues: incorrect/invalid email addresses, spam filters, firewalls, or if your recipients ignore or accidentally delete your email. If there are any other deliverability challenges, you’ll need to reach out to the hosting/delivery company directly. *