The Katie Fischer Design Mailing Process and Agreement

After all the time and effort perfecting your invitations, it’s vital to get the mailing right. Katie Fischer Design is happy to take care of all the details and leg work for you. Here’s what we do for mailings:

+ Schedule the mailing date - we’ll choose a date that is appropriate and approved by you.

+ Double check your digital or hand-written calligraphy to make sure we have every envelope and that everything is correct.

+ Re-confirm the postage requirements with the post office for the outer envelope and reply cards.

+ Sort out all international suites and set aside. We will purchase the correct postage at the post office. (We’ll leave postage off the international reply envelopes, as those recipients will need to apply the correct postage at the post office from their country).

+ Apply the correct postage to all domestic reply card envelopes.

+ Apply the correct postage to all domestic outer envelopes.

+ Assemble your suites. Tie ribbon or seal belly bands, if ordered.

+ Seal the envelope closed with a glue stick or double-sided tape (depending on paper type and weight).

+ Bring your ready-to-mail envelopes to the post office. We check the postage amount one more time with a clerk. If postage rates have increased since we purchased your stamps, we will notify you and plan accordingly.

+ Hand-cancel each and every envelope for you to avoid having them run through the machines (Montclair post-office only. We can't guarantee this from Manhattan post offices). As a result, your envelopes will arrive to your guests in better condition.

+ Purchase the correct postage and fill out any necessary customs forms for your international envelopes. The amount of international postage purchased will appear on your final bill. Once the postage is applied, we make sure the international envelopes get hand-cancelled.

+ We will send you an email to let you know once we have completed the mailing. Get ready for the swooning emails and texts!


Mailing Pricing:

$5 per piece for single card suites (save the dates, event invitations, and holiday cards)

$6.50 per piece for standard invitation suites: invite card, reply card, and envelopes

$7.50 per piece for invitation suites with paper belly bands, gatefolds, and self-adhesive wax seals

$8 per suite with tied ribbon or custom drip wax seals


Please fill out this form to arrange for Katie Fischer Design to do your mailing for you.

Where would you like us to mail from? *
We prefer to do mailings from the small post office located near our working studio in Montclair, NJ. They know us, they let us hand-cancel ourself, and we have better results.
Additional fees may apply.
How would you like us to do your mailing? *
If you need your invites to arrive in less than 3-4 weeks or if you have VIP recipients - you may want to consider hand-delivering, UPS, or getting USPS tracking for those recipients. Check all delivery methods you're interested in below and we'll follow up to discuss details and pricing.
How would you like the client's invite sent?
We'll be sure there's one envelope and set with the clients' name and address.
The date you want the invites hand-cancelled and post marked.
Katie Fischer Design is not responsible for any errors that occur on account of the United States Postal Service (USPS). In most mailings, there will be a percentage of errors by the USPS: envelopes that got lost in the mail, ones that are not forwarded to the requested forwarding address, others that get sent back incorrectly for insufficient postage, those that accidentally get delivered to the return address, and deliveries that are delayed. Occasionally, the USPS will put your suites through the machine, even though we’ve hand-cancelled them and made it clear not to, or mishandle them along the way, which may cause them to rip or arrive to your recipient in poor condition.  We are also not responsible for returns on account of an incorrect address entered by you in the spreadsheet you provided to us. We always advise our clients to purchase more suites than you think you will need because we are certain you will need to re-send a few. If you run out and need to order more, we will charge you at cost for the set up fees, supplies, reprinting, and calligraphy.